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A Glass Block Vision is a family-owned glass block window company based in Medina, serving all Northeast Ohio areas. We are an authorized installer of the highest quality glass block products, specializing in building and installing glass block basement windows, glass block shower walls, glass block bathroom windows, glass block garage windows, and more.

Note: We use only high-quality cement, never silicone!

Glass blocks, sometimes called glass bricks are thick—typically three inches or greater—and allow light to pass through while maintaining privacy. But glass block windows don’t just add curb appeal—they make a home more secure, owing to their depth, density, and manner of assembly. We share your vision—from design concept to layout and installation, we’re there when you need us.

The Best Glass Block Window Products for Basements, Showers & More

We are pleased to offer the following glass block products:


Our most popular glass block options—manufactured by Seves, Italian makers of the strongest, finest-quality glass blocks available—include:

  • Nubio
  • Ice
  • Diamond
  • Clarity

Seves glass block products are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, providing varying degrees of light and sound transmittance, privacy, security, impact resistance, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. There’s a glass block that’s perfect for every residential and commercial interior or exterior application.

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Where Your Vision Is Our Vision